Natural Pet Center is dedicated to providing you and your pets with the best food, treats, toys and services in the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area.  We are continually updating our inventory with new and exciting products, our groomers are ready to pamper your pets, we have adoptable cats waiting to join your family and we always look forward to meeting your pets when they visit.  Stop in and see all that we have to offer – they will LOVE you for it!

Some Interesting Facts

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# of varieties of Pet Food
# of Bags redeemed in Frequent Buyer Program
Amount We Donated To Local Charities in 2016

Products & Services

Healthy Dog & Cat Food

We pride ourselves on offering you the best dog and cat food in our area.  You will find human-grade ingredients, high-quality animal proteins, healthy produce, probiotics, natural preservatives and a whole lot more.  We have quality kibbles and grain free options, along with dehydrated, freeze-dried and raw pet food.


Dog Treats & Chews

Your dogs will love browsing through our extensive treat and bone sections.  Treat options include grain free, freeze dried and biscuits that come in all sizes for your dog.  We also have treats with health benefits!  Raw bones are a must along with bully sticks, antlers and smoked bones for longer lasting chews.

Dog Toys, Puzzles & Games

Tired Dogs = Happy Dogs!  Keep them entertained and exercised with our large variety of fetch, puzzle, squeaker and treat dispensing toys.  Some even come with a guarantee!

Collars, Leashes & Training Solutions

We offer a wide variety of collars, leashes, harnesses and training aids for dogs and cats.  Does your dog pull on the leash, back out of their collar, or maybe you just need help with a correct fit, stop in and let us help you!  We have a large selection of colors, leather and patterned collars and leashes for your pets.

Dog Clothing & Boots

High winds, rain, snow, ice and hot pavement are all reasons pets need protective gear.  Year round we offer light weight fleece, paw protectors and lightweight boots.  Stop in during the colder months for our full selection of jackets, sweaters, fleece, boots and paw protection.

Dog & Cat Grooming

Our skilled groomers are passionate about the services they provide to our grooming clients.  From specialty breed trims, to shave-downs, to bath and brush-out, or if you are just needing a nail trim, our groomers are happy to meet your pet’s needs.


Cat Treats

Cats love treats too!  They will especially love our grain free, high meat treat options from tuna filets, dried sardines, to real beef and salmon.  We also have treats with health benefits including hip & joint and hairball, they will also love munching on our cat grass.

Cat Toys, Puzzles & Scratchers

Exercise your cat’s mind and body by providing them with fun toys to stimulate their prey drive.  Feathers, balls, crinklers, wand toys and don’t forget the catnip!  Use puzzle and treat dispensing toys to keep them active and entertained all day long.

Dog & Cat Supplements

Are you treating current health issues or maybe you want to prevent future issues, stop in and visit our supplement area.  From joint problems, digestion issues, litter box smells, dry skin & coat to anxiety concerns, we have many supplements to help keep your pet at the top of his or her game.

Cat Litter & Accessories

Cleaning the litter box no longer has to be a dreaded task.  Choosing a quality, fast clumping litter, along with the perfect scooper, will make litter box scooping a breeze.  Let us show you how choosing the perfect scooper will change you life!