Michelle purchased Natural Pet Center back in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since.  She is constantly on the lookout for new, healthy and fun products for her customers and their pets.  She loves attending Pet Trade Shows to check out the new products and seminars to stay up to date on Food, Products and Nutrition.  Away from work Michelle enjoys spending her free time with her husband, 3 year old son and furry family members.  She enjoys being outside as much as possible and is also mildly obsessed with Etsy and Pintrest.




Brittany has been with Natural Pet Center since 2014.  If you know Brittany, then you know all about her cute pug Aussie.  We joke that Brittany is living the Pug Life because she loves everything Pug and if it involves her pug Aussie then she loves it even more.  Brittany is also an avid writer and enjoys photography.




Darline has been with Natural Pet Center since 2010.  Away from work, Darline is devoted to her 4 children.  Because they are all involved in sports and after school activities, she is very busy keeping up with all of their events but enjoys every minute.  Once her kids are grown and finish school, she hopes to get back into showing dogs.  One of her favorite things about being a groomer is seeing our customer’s reactions as they greet their freshly groomed dogs and cats.



Jamie has been with Natural Pet Center since 2012.  She loves to participate in dog sports with her chihuahua Ricardo and agility is definitely their favorite sport!  Although it may be infrequent, she also loves when her independent cat Monte will cuddle with her.  Jamie’s favorite part about working at Natural Pet Center is seeing the positive changes our products can make in the lives of our customers and their companions.



Jordan has been with Natural Pet Center since 2018. She has a Labradoodle named Charleston “Charlie”, who keeps her very busy. She doesn’t plan on getting more dogs in the near future, but her dream dog is an English Bulldog named Winston. Jordan loves to volunteer with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue. Her favorite thing about volunteering with the rescue is being able to interact with all of their adoptable dogs, while gaining hands on experience from them.



Marren has been with Natural Pet Center since 2019. Marren is very musical and can play 7 different instruments. Wow! In her free time, she likes to spin fiber. She is able to spin 6 different types of fiver including cat and rabbit. She is also a part of a big family, growing up with 8 other brothers and sisters.



Ashley has been with Natural Pet Center since 2017. She has 3 cats, 3 dogs, a rabbit, and 30+ Koi making it a very lively household. Ashley enjoys having houseplants and some of her plants are even lucky enough to have their own names. She also loves coming up with new home projects that she calls her “visions”. With the help of her dad for more complicated projects, she has recently completed a 2-story rabbit hutch and turned a stock tank into an indoor pond with a waterfall. Some of Ashley’s hobbies include anime & cosplay, reading, and playing complicated board games.



Ben has been with Natural Pet Center since 2019. He has 3 cats to help keep him on his toes. Their names are Winston, Marvin, and Charlotte. Ben grew up on a farm which exposed him to many different types of animals. He recently moved from a small town, Houston MN, to Fargo in 2019. In his free time, Ben enjoys building and working on computers.



Annie has been with Natural Pet Center since 2019. She has four dogs of her own; a red Lab named Rem, Jager the Chihuahua, Tryss a Boxer mix, and Roux an Italian Greyhound mix. When Annie isn’t at work she enjoys listening to audiobooks and watching tv. One of her all-time favorite tv shows is Game of Thrones.